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Saluting the Sun: The Asanas

There’s 12 steps but only seven asanas, because of course they repeat on the way out and on the way back. Before we get into it in detail, there’s no question that there are many, many accounts of Surya Namaskar … Continue reading

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A Bun Dance #1

Been working away from home for a couple weeks, travelling a lot and not therefore posting on a regular basis. But I have been listening in the car to some of these ‘self transformation’ calls with inspirational teachers that you … Continue reading

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Magic Minute #7; Body conscious OK, body consciousness not OK

I’m spending time in the learner pool it seems, gathering ideas, wisdom, energy, reading and listening to Morgana Rae on wealth health, Robert Anthony on the Law of Attraction, Carol Tuttle on the Chakras and the estimable Ortners on Tapping. … Continue reading

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Magic Minute #4: Energy is Love

Well, not all energy of course. The electricity companies would be fascinated to hear they are generating and trading love. In a way they are, because there is a way in which we can see all and every damn thing … Continue reading

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