A Balance of Powers is Freedom Fulfilled

The earth’s ecology is a balance of organic and inorganic, living and inert elements. Of matter (which is itself energy, as we have all learnt from Mr Einstein) and living things, which are energy embedded in matter.

But we are Souls – units of energy pure and simple, embedded in bodies made of matter. Energy is power, right? Same thing.

So a balanced ecology of the Soul is a balance of power – of powers, in fact, all seven of the spiritual and mental powers that go to make up your subtle eco-system. (Quick reminder: Connection, Focus, Communication, Love, Endurance, Creativity, Nature. More detail all over this blog.) As you liberate them, re-discover them, re-energise them, you gain strength, peace, focus, insight, wellbeing. You get back to living life how it should be, as your original, noble, human Self.

As a human being, you are incredibly powerful. Right now you are using a minute fraction of your own power. It’s there – all you have to do is unlock it. And here’s the strange and wonderful thing – with the realization (in the sense of ‘make real’) of that power comes a deep and liberating peace. It’s all right. Everything is going to be all right. You have the tools – the powers – to cope. Not just to cope, but to live and thrive, free from anxiety and stress, healthy in mind, body and spirit, full of abundant joy. Tap into it at any time. You are filled full: fulfilled.

About Aidan

The Ecology of the Soul is the culmination of a lifetime of study and practice of hatha yoga and Raj Yoga. Aidan studied with BKS Iyengar, and was a dedicated member of the Brahma Kumaris, teachers of Raja Yoga, during his 20s. The basic understanding of the Soul and God is pure Raja Yoga, but it is the 'ecology' principle that drives the system's emphasis on balancing our spiritual powers. We return to our natural state of happiness, contentment, peace – and power.
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