#1 Peace, power, balance

The first one, an attempt to lay it all out.  Subsequent ones will be shorter! Enjoy. The script is on the Articles page here:

#2 Balance of powers

A two-minute ‘Magic Minute’. Yes, I know. It’s actually 1:41, with an intro. So you get a few seconds more than a minute. That must be why it’s Magic.  It’s a Quicktime file (WordPress is rotating the smaller ones, don’t know why), so please be patient while it loads. Script here.

#3 The Seven Powers of the Soul

In which we are introduced to the seven powers which make up the Ecology of the Soul and begin to explore how to bring them to a perfect balance. With reflections on the Chakras, directly related. Script here.

#4 Light, lighter, enlightened

Forty seconds of intro and a bit more than 60 – the Magic Minute – given over to pondering the beautiful relationship between the light of which You the Soul is made and the lightness that comes with freedom from burden. Understanding your Self as light, you become enlightened. Easy. And it only took a minute. Script here.

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