The Ecology of the Soul – the book

Here are links to pdfs of the Contents page, the three parts of the Introductory chapter, each individual section of the chapters I have so far written, and the ‘Power Seed’ appendix with ideas for your Magic Minute of meditation. Click on the link and it will open the pdf, and then do ‘save as’ to save it to your hard disk. Pick and choose. I hope you get a good start and end up hungering for more. It is in production as we speak.

I’ve also uploaded the full text of what I’ve done so far (January 14), all in one ginormous file. Contents, Intro in three parts, two sample chapters – The Power of Love and The Power of Creativity –  and an Appendix cram full of Power Seeds. About 25,000 words.

I am actively seeking a publisher and also looking at the self publishing route. Pending that glorious day, if you are moved to contribute even a nominal sum in recognition of the benefit the work brings you, then please feel free to use my PayPal account. It is attached to this email address: aidan[at] (I’m not using the ‘at’ symbol because apparently this is what hackers and spammers lock on to). Thanks!

EcologyoftheSoul_Sample Chapters


01 The Ecology of the Soul CONTENTS

02 the Ecology of the Soul INTRODUCTION 1

03 The Ecology of the Soul INTRODUCTION 2_Power Seeds

04 the Ecology of the Soul INTRODUCTION 3 _Yoga & The Chakras

Power of Love_!001_Intro

Power of Love_01_Commitment

Power of Love_02_Excitement

Power of Love_03_Ownership

Power of Love_04_Passion

Power of Love_05_Spirit

Power of Love_06_Energy

Power of Love_07_Responsibility

Power of Love_08_Practice1-Power Seeds

Power of Love_09_Practice2-Yoga seeds


Power of CREATIVITY_!001Intro

Power of CREATIVITY_01Reproduction

Power of CREATIVITY_02Joy

Power of CREATIVITY_03Enthusiasm

Power of CREATIVITY_04Imagination

Power od CREATIVITY_05Transformation

Power of CREATIVITY_06Self creation

Power of CREATIVITY_07World creation

Power of CREATIVITY_08Practice-PowerSeeds

Power of Creativity_09Practice-YogaSeeds

Appendix_Power Seeds Galore

2 Responses to Downloads

  1. don morris says:

    I am finding your work timely and brilliant! Thank you so so much!
    My perspective differs on one foundational point. The ecology of the soul you are presenting (which does not admit a divine omnipresence) is in my opinion a counter-intuitive belief. Perhaps this can be clarified by presenting your definition of Divine, G-d, Universal Creator? Perhaps you’ve written about this somewhere in your site which I have not gotten to yet? Thanks again, Don

  2. Aidan says:

    Hi Don, sorry for the long wait, I haven’t been here for a few months, been re-editing the book. Counter-intuitive, h’mm, not sure what you mean, insofar as any belief is intuitive. Counter-general received idea, perhaps, yes. Very unfashionable to claim God or the Divine is not omnipresent. I haven’t dug into definitions of same, simply because it’s quite hard to swallow and I’m thinking gaining an audience for the ideas here is the first step. Essentially, God is a Soul like you or me, but unlike you or me, He/She/It has never had nor ever will have any karmic connection to a body or the physical world. Supremely powerful, He/She/It has all the knowledge and understanding of the human drama within him/her/itself, and appears at a particular time in the world cycle – ie now – to reveal that knowledge. Like many others, I’ve been fortunate enough to be given some sort of insight into that knowledge. If you want to follow through, go here:

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