About the book

The Ecology of the Soul

A Manual of Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World

 The book makes the link between the outer ecology of the earth and the inner ecology of the human spirit, seeing the ‘balance of Nature’ at work in a spiritual as well as a physical sense.  Ecology is an inner as well as an outer phenomenon.  The word is made up of two Greek words – ‘eco’ means home, and ‘logos’ means wisdom, knowledge or words. The Wisdom of Home.  Home of the spirit, home of the body. If our inner ecology is in balance and harmony, our behaviour and hence outer ecology become balanced and harmonious.

Because understanding the Ecology of the Soul is about self transformation. You’re here because you want to change yourself for the better, to achieve that inner peace and power that you know to be your natural state of being, but which right now feels very far away.

The truth is that the personal power, peace and strength  you seek are already yours, already inside you. How to re-awaken those untapped inner reserves is the subject of this book, and, I hope, the inspiration for a new life of mental and spiritual harmony, inner peace and strength,  and the profound fulfilment that comes from knowing what’s really going on inside – the result that all seekers seek.

The balance of your internal eco-system is a balance of your seven spiritual powers.
Starting from the bottom, they are:

The Power of Nature

The Power of Creativity

The Power of Endurance

The Power of Love

The Power of Communication

The Power of Focus

The Power of Connection

The book is structured as a practical course for you to develop your innate powers. Each power is presented with seven deep meditations to uncover and understand its different elements, and its links to its own Chakra are also explained. For each power, Mini-meditations called ‘Power Seeds’ are also provided for you to plant in your own mind and ponder during your 60-second daily meditation: your ‘Magic Minute’.

The accumulation of Power Seeds taking root in your mind will transform your understanding, your attitudes to yourself and others, and to what the world brings. You will find your outlook changing, coloured by your growing consciousness of the source of your own unlimited peace, power and strength. That source is you, the Soul, en route to balancing your own internal ecology. You are returning to reclaim the beauty, clarity and happiness that are rightfully yours – your truth as a human being. A human Soul.

Downloads on the ‘Downloads’ page. Enjoy.


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