How does a pinpoint create so much light?

How does a pinpoint create so much light? You’re subsumed, enveloped, overwhelmed, inundated, engulfed, absorbed, obliterated, swallowed up… in a voluptuous ocean of bliss – of your own making. Not even of your making, because this is You. This is Your light, the light of You, a being made of light. Infinitesimally small but infinitely enduring, abiding; an eternal being, which means that the amount of light of which You are made is also neverending. Not unakin to a Zen kōan, this one, a mind-twister that itself is a meditation ‘aide’; consider Your Self. Indescribably small, uniquely individual, eternal, and made of an infinite amount of light. Tap into it in meditation, and it keeps burning, keeps glowing, keeps flowing, keeps on coming. You are drowning – or floating, if you prefer, though that doesn’t give the sense of being ‘in’ light – in, or on, an ocean of Light. Of Bliss. Of Peace. Of Power.

About Aidan

The Ecology of the Soul is the culmination of a lifetime of study and practice of hatha yoga and Raj Yoga. Aidan studied with BKS Iyengar, and was a dedicated member of the Brahma Kumaris, teachers of Raja Yoga, during his 20s. The basic understanding of the Soul and God is pure Raja Yoga, but it is the 'ecology' principle that drives the system's emphasis on balancing our spiritual powers. We return to our natural state of happiness, contentment, peace – and power.
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