The Wisdom of Home

This is a theme that pops up in the book right at the beginning. Always useful to look at the origins of words and how their meanings truly resonate. Eco, or in the Greek (where are the Greek characters?)οἶκος, means ‘house’ or ‘home’. Logos means ‘word’, ‘wisdom’, ‘study’ or ‘understanding’. ‘House’ or ‘home’ also means ‘body’. I’m a Soul and I live in my Body, right? Which brings us to the current theme; a balanced ecology of the Soul is actually a balanced ecology of the whole being – body, Soul, mind. Emotions and senses? H’mm. Come back to you on that one. They’re definitely in the Mind department. What is crystal clear, though, is that our connection to Home – to Earth – works alongside and in harmony with our connection to Om – the spiritual resonance of pure essence, life itself. Spiritual balance and understanding, hand in hand with physical balance and understanding. Now that looks like Ecology to me, baby.

About Aidan

The Ecology of the Soul is the culmination of a lifetime of study and practice of hatha yoga and Raj Yoga. Aidan studied with BKS Iyengar, and was a dedicated member of the Brahma Kumaris, teachers of Raja Yoga, during his 20s. The basic understanding of the Soul and God is pure Raja Yoga, but it is the 'ecology' principle that drives the system's emphasis on balancing our spiritual powers. We return to our natural state of happiness, contentment, peace – and power.
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